Shape Monsters

Dear friends, it appears that I’ll be making Shape Monsters on Halloween this year, although no one has signed up for my craft, except for the late afternoon Re-Visit. Oh, well. In preparation, though, I’m cutting out shapes and having the time of my life. I can now begin to understand Matisse and his cutouts as I find myself reliant upon scissors and colored paper to express myself.

But Monsters! Monsters in kid’s art are the very best expressions of just about anything. It really seems as if things might go better in this world of ours, if we use crayons and paste, colored papers and paints for a well-ordered, harmonious life. There would be so much less bitterness and lies today if we could use making monsters out of real stuff, not messy, to express complex emotions.

Yes, obviously I’ve got it figured out for all the grown-ups in the room. Maybe not really, but it’s not as if these aren’t going to be the kindest Shape Monsters at my place of work on that Haunted and Scary day. You don’t even need candy to make this exercise life-affirming and positive. Kid’s work is clearly the best work, and so let’s all use our imaginations for the Good.

#Square #Circle #Triangle #Rectangle #Oval #Rhombus #ShapeMonsters

Made a Jack-O-Lantern, too. It wasn’t scary even though it had very sharp teeth. It was just a hollowed-out pumpkin after all. Didn’t win the family contest, though. Wait until they see what I make with shapes! Boo.

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