A Haircut

I’m sorry, but having gotten a haircut today, and scheduling the next one in the future may have been the most significant self-care practice that I’ve undertaken in a long time. I feel like the Queen of Sheba or someone just as fancy.

Aside from that, things have been going well for me and my family of a husband, a dog, and a cat. The dog is the baby. She’s not literally a puppy, but her emotionalism is like that of a toddler. It’s so endearing, really. I hope that everybody gets a dog before the next election, and some sense. Be like a cat though, wise in your ways, and not afraid of the outside and new adventures.

I’m in a moral quandary with my dog, though, because she acts so very much insulted if I try to put a leash on her, you know, to kindly take her for walks. We’ve even tried a harness, that she lets you put on her, but slips right out of when you are not looking. As for now, her exercise regimen is to run like a crazy dog in the back yard, or to play “bitey scratchy,” her current reign of terror of an 8.4 pound Terrier. I love her so much, and we keep showing her about dogs who take good walks, but we have not figured out the Way together yet. Please pray for us!

My dog needs a haircut, too. Maybe that is what is holding us back behaviorally. I think we need to get her more treats and do some training. That girl ain’t got no sense, and maybe it’s just because she is overwhelmed by the extra fur. She could be like the Queen of Sheba, too, with a haircut and a gentle leash. And we could go for walks, like in my dreams!

#PetSmarts #WalkinthePark #DogSense #Pleasevoteagainstevil #Self-Care #DogLove

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