And a Regular Day

So, after my declaration of a”happy day” yesterday, and my committment to bringing peace and love and joy to the world, I guess I need to point out that most days are actually just regular for me. And that’s okay, for sure. I think we all need to just take it easy and not have the answers for all humanity constantly, because everybody is on their own personal journey in this life.

On the other hand, I do remain committed to being there for others, and for offering hope when possible, and encouragement. I love Jesus very, very much, and so I pray that we all might come to love our neighbors as ourselves. Yes, Lord, that I do.

After my post yesterday, I had a stupid fight with my husband, because I was being bossy, and it really was just so stupid. We got over it. We exhibit patience toward one another in most cases, except for when I think I’ve got it all figured out for us vitamin-wise and try to preach my loving nutrient knowledge to my innocent husband, who has the sense to do his own thing.

This is the message from yesterday’s stupid fight, and words of advice for anybody listening- As human beings living on Earth we are blessed with capable minds, and we can make decisions for our own selves. Let’s try not to be delusional, and to encourage others not to be delusional, without forcing our own agenda on anybody else.

Also, sometimes we all just need to take a break from one another at times. This is why God invented intercessory prayer, so it’s just about you and God, rather than forcing your particular belief upon others, so you can pray that others learn to fly right.

Mainly my message is to keep quiet, but speak when you need to, ever so carefully, and with much respect. Or you can be like my Terrier, who barks at everything with utmost urgency, despite the fact that we just tune her out most of the time. She’s a crazy little thing, and we love her, and trust in her necessary salvation and quiet dedication.

Thank you for listening to my little message that doesn’t really say much, except for the super important one about loving thy neighbor as thyself.

#Terrier #GoodGirl #Barksalot #Peace and #Quiet

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