Happy Day!

This has been a wonderful year, and I’m thankful to have started this blog here with all the great support. More important, though, is the fact that this has even been a great year at all, considering all of the awful ones that I’ve had in the past. #Depression is a beast.

I hope that my newfound positive attitude isn’t getting anybody down, because I know how annoying that can be when life seems unbearable to an individual. Maybe my little strange light shining might be an inspiration to anyone, and I hope that to be the case.

Rather than to show you how absolutely miserable depression and MS can be, I will from hencefoth trust that all of you readers already have been acquainted with that or similar emotions. I think that the only way through is forward, and that the only way is #Up for me now, because I can’t keep getting so #down and #depressed anymore. I’m hoping that my older age will preclude the awful terrible times and lead to only better days. I’m hoping for better days for everybody, and I’m so tired of the collective horribly bad attitude that we all seem to be experiencing.

What I did learn from the yucky past is that #peace and #love are still the good things that will get us through, and I will trust that it still is within human nature to find these ideals to be true. Because I’ve been feeling this way for long enough of a time that it seems to be true, I’m going to trust that it isn’t just magical or manic thinking that is making me happy.

I trust and serve the Lord, and believe in healing. Thank you, friends, for listening, and I hope that your days are going well, also. Granted, this all might be because I’m on vacation this week, but maybe a little time off will allow me to recharge and better engage with the positive life that I’m believing in as being real and true.

Also, I quit watching television so much, and I’m careful of what I read. And I smile a lot, like an idiot, almost, but I think it helps. Best wishes!

#BetterDays #Hope #Positivity #Cleanup #MakeItSo,Please #ThankYou

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