Mental Health Musing

Okay, so I think a lot about mental health, but it has really become less of an obsession the more that I disengage. I feel terribly about this, my not saving lives and curing madness, saving the world, etc. This is probably what might have been the problem, thinking of having caused the end of the world and not having done right to save it.

Not kidding! I think that this might just be a “fixation” and part of my delusional tendencies as a girl with a #schizoaffective disorder, but the obsessive qualities are quite maddening. Medication is helping me with that, but the price is my inability to do anything constructive pretty much ever. I’m thankful that I don’t have the #compulsions too badly, and my tendency to check is getting so much better with time.

And there’s going to be a birthday coming up when I will find myself firmly in a new time bracket. I love how we all think of ourselves in terms of being commodities or making commodities or consuming them with pleasure. I think of myself as being a soul with a body, and being an eternal time traveler with a positive attitude. This is why I read books. Sometimes, though, they get me. And I don’t like to talk about them, just to look at the cover artwork. I know, lame. But books! They do keep me happy, and I’m thankful for every which one that I’ve been able to find a spot for.

One of these days, this blog might save my soul, unless I abandon it for other hobbies like drawing and painting- not! My whole life I’ve been an artist without a song, and most likely will continue to be. Maybe I just need to remember that I’m tapping this keyboard to keep up some skills, and to spread joy throughout the land? Yeah, tell your friends to follow me on #Wordpress and we can all be wandering in the dark.

Dear Friends, I won’t kill myself, and I probably won’t always keep this blog up to date, but thank you for your time spent reading this. I pray that we all may learn to live with our unique and unusual brains, and that we do achieve some semblance of good health. Oh yeah, I meditated for twenty minutes today before I wrote this. I think that we all should #meditate regularly and make friends and influence people.

#hashtag #healing #notdrinkingsomuch #traveling #spaceandtime #peace

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