My Dog!

I love my dog so very much. She’s kind of not very well-behaved, though. We had a friend stay over a couple of days recently, and she was not very nice to him at all, with the high-pitched incessant barking and the not really “love” bites. I think she thought that he was a threat to our home, like how she regards our cat, who is the best.

It makes me wonder about how folks actually train their pets and little children and stuff, because I really can’t do it very well at all. My plants do okay, but I did lose a bonsai or 2, which is of such a grave sin nature that I can’t believe I just confessed about it. I mean, that second bonsai, that was a crime. I just couldn’t find a good sunlight spot, and my little tree didn’t make it. It was very sad, but I have still kept my little forever autumnal dead tree in my kitchen windowsill. I guess that is probably gross. I think that I overly loved and watered my first bonsai. It was sad.

Life and loss and how it all goes on and on is a very great mystery to me. I daresay that I’ll never understand the meaning of life. However, it is good to still report the doing okay, taking my meds, and being well. At the same time, I know that I haven’t always been the best of friends to my friends, even though I try. It’s a wonder that I’ve still got the husband. Actually, I have put forth much effort into reforming my character, despite the blatant narcissism which was really just keeping my head above water.

The things that I do not do any more are: writing poetry, painting, partying, going out, dancing and smoking. I still try to go to rock and roll shows when I can, and do always love to get new spectacles. My hobbies are housecleaning, reading, and exercising, but not cooking, unfortunately. It’s very stressful. I can make a pretty good salad, though.

#LifeLessons #EnoughAboutMe #NotDepressedAnymore #StillAnxious

#MedicationsJustRightCurrently #ThankYouReaders 🙂

Also, this blog might take on a new direction when I find my laptop’s stylus. Probably my life’s goal of becoming okay at line drawing might take over the pithy witticisms, that are not really a sign of good writing on my part. Yeah. Taking up drawing soon.

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