Today was a day of the most incredible realization that there’s nothing to worry about, and that I am okay. Yes, I still have challenging conditions of health, but my medicine appears to be working, and I’m feeling quite well.

Anything could happen, but the change in me is one of acceptance and hope for the future. Perhaps I’m hypomanic or maybe I’m just okay. Maybe everything is going to be okay after all.

Probably it helps that I’ve grown older on this sickness/wellness journey, but any extra birthday is a win-win to me. I love my extra years,and even if some things have happened differently than I had planned, it is just fine.

It probably helped that I went to church this morning, that my church is not crazy, and that we got together to Worship the Lord with full hearts and thankful companionship. My husband can’t stand my church because of the crowd and awesome electrified live music, but that’s fine, and he can just miss out. It’s not like I won’t tell him all about it anyway.

Part of my recovery is getting up early, having a schedule, going places, and having a plan. I know I’m not alone in this, but after having nearly slept my life away while taking my psychmeds, it’s really cool to be able to subsist on less tranquilizing dosages, and to not be pissed about the whole situation anyway. I have a mental illness, and I have a significant physical one, MS, but thankfully, “it is well with my soul.”

Happy Sunday!

#Recovery #Hope #PrayersAnswered #Love

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