Dog Monitor

Our dog has the strange habit of always making sure where her parents are, especially if they are not where they are supposed to be. Seeing as how we rescued her from a campsite all alone, she most likely had just been abandoned, or ran away like how she does. It is unusual for her not to be right under our feet. But she’s a good girl, and we don’t know what we would do without her.

But, my friends, she is a jealous dog. My husband and I are closely watched, and she does not like it when we give each other kisses. She can be at the edge of the bed, under her special blanket, but if she hears even the sneakiest kiss, she jumps out and puts herself between us. She loves us so much that she cannot stand to not get the kisses herself.

Not having children, or even planning to (come on, Menopause), this is somewhat endearing to be loved so much, but it does hamper our affections and the only solution is to sneak her out of the room sometimes, but not for long. She keeps a close watch on us, and is a good protecting Terrier, judging from her barking and close watch on the mailman. We have found that the secret of this dog is to trick her and to keep her in other rooms sometimes. But she’s a good girl. She really is.

#Dog #FirstDog #DogKissesaretheSweetest

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