Saving One’s Own Life

Have I mentioned that I worry, like a lot, but not as much as I used to? My worries are over trivial things, or over much more awful, terrible things, but they come and go. It never really gets me anywhere.

Particularly I used to worry about the end of the world, you know, the #endoftheworld that always seems to be right at hand, but that is easing up somewhat with my medical treatment. I really should go to counseling more regularly, but the money! Better spent on a gym membership for now, I hope. Change may not be my strong suit, but change is always happening nonetheless, and maybe I should trust it and grow. Maybe now when I work out regularly?

Reading books is always a transformative and heart expanding activity for me, especially when I pick my own books to read. What a surprise. I wish more folks were as doggedly self-directed in a bookshop and more so in life when it comes to finding what’s cool. I know, most of us are quite lame in our tastes, and I know that it is a challenge to figure out what to do with one’s time.

Herein lies the beauty of meditation. I sat quietly for twenty minutes today, looked at my dog for the bulk of it, and just let all of it go for awhile (twenty minutes) and now I feel like I can move forward again. Onward and upward.

There is tomorrow. This weekend I want to finish at least one book that I borrowed and get into another that I have checked out from the library. First of all there is sleep for tonight, and so, dear ones, goodnight.


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