Ginger Tea

Excitedly, I jumped back into this blog site in order to reevaluate what in the world I’ve been trying to accomplish here, and Eureka! I’ve found my purpose in reading the other pages of my many fine new friends right here!

This was all accompanied by some fresh ginger tea that I had made from boiling up some fresh ginger and lemon, and sweetened with fresh local honey. This was today’s medicinally healing tonic that I shared with my husband, and maybe now we’ll live for ten thousand more years!

Of course, this was not my first attempt to describe this activity, as I had written some and then deleted some already tonight. It was not an intentional deletion, so I hope that I recovered the point of my story for those in need of a tisane treat.

What this blog is about is the finding of good health in light of an uncertain prognosis, which is my plight as someone with a certifiable case of MS. There are also the mental health problems that this devotional blog is revealing to be made up of minor character flaws that time has been healing, along with the medicine.

In gratitude and faith I do offer this little journey into my hopeful and faithful mind, that has more healing to do, so ongoing exercise is this blog, and I hope y’all enjoy this process. Good thing there are about fifty million other bloggers out there that you can read if I get boring! I wish you all the best. Good Night, dear Ones.

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