As yet

As yet I have not figured out how not to mope and be sad. I promise that I’m working on it. There is most likely a reason why there has not been more success in my life. I’m thinking it’s because of the self-absorption.

So today, I’ll try again! We can get over this awful terrible not able to do things malaise of swamp gas coming right out of our butts. And tonight! I turn around, and face the electrical light source.

Interstingly, the problem that I’ve been having the past two days with the formatting while I type has gone away. Can it really be that simple? That the Universe in its wisdom brings you down, then later up again? That’s the only answer that I can come up with. In my personal wisdom and self-editing, I’ve found that it is not really that simple, and that the answers I find may not always be correct, or at least, subject to change.

Please forgive my sloppy grammar and terrible moods. If you want to read more Langston Hughes, please find the poem, “Catch.” That one is my favorite.

What is the message of writers and artists, of theologians and sages, of bloggers and insomniacs? Perhaps it is to gather together one’s wits, and to use them for the good. I must believe in the good, and I hope that you all do, too.

#Hope #Trying #Notdepressed #Alwaysdepressed #Goingblind #Correctivelenses

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