Missing You All

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me once again for disappearing for awhile. I had no idea what I was getting into with the blogging for amateurs; and once again, I can’t keep up. Really not keen on current events, so this may not be my actual preferred medium of communication, but perhaps this will keep me from dropping out entirely. My apologies to those of you all who are looking for adventure stories.

And I really must say that, the world has been providing me with so much more amusement recently, with my passive regarding of current events the likes of which we don’t even need comment. Everybody is all shaking their collective heads, is all that I will say.

It has been nice to finally catch up with everybody else that I follow here, and I’m glad that we’re all doing well. It is good to be alive and stuff, and I do so cherish that part of being alive, so here’s to doing my part. I’m here with you all, and loving that you are living and loving life. You give me courage daily, and I thank you. Haven’t been suicidal for quite some time. I think that this exercise helps.

That being said, you may not see me for some time, because of my necessary quiet times. #Meditation #Prayer #Peace #Love #Positivity #Makinganeffort

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