So many things…

Dear Friends, I regret to say that I can only do so many things in one day. I’ve missed reaching out to you all lately, but I have been reading and “liking” the posts that showed up in my email. Y’all are pretty neat-o, with some really great ideas and things to say! Thank you for keeping me here, and I’m glad to be back today.

The point of my story is that my contribution as yet has been minimal here, and it will probably stay that way. The good news is that there was somewhat of a #Breakthrough today! After having stayed up too late last night, sleeping in, watching church on my phone, and then napping some more, I woke up and ate dinner with my husband, after a terrible mood. The extra sleeping and the cupcakes that I ate, I think were what did me in, but my nap was entirely made up of semi-conscious ruminations about my personal failings, and that always gets me down.

After some dinner and some coffee and a load of laundry, I decided to rejoin the living. My husband went to take photographs, and here I am ekeing out this little tale of overcoming past regrets. Honestly, I do understand that some of us may never get to the place where the past does not haunt us, but thankfully today was somewhat of a miracle for me, being a #DepressionPosterChild.

This might really be the one thing I do this day, but it’s better than nothing. Actually, as I write, I’m making all sorts of plans for the rest of the evening. Gonna recharge my laptop (for the next foray on another day), read some words, and also thank my lucky stars, and more importantly my Lord and Savior, that I even have had this day. At least I could recognize that it was that Wicked Depression Monster that made things so bad for the morning, but also that I have defeated that constant foe, and I’ll do it again. Sometimes it’s good to give those WickedBeasts a name, and for me, it’s just an illness, and it’s only that bug Depression. And I was not so much beset with the Psychotic Features! Yay!

I’m thinking also that it will be pretty soon that I start my period. Life is such a glorious miracle of #CrazyAss shit, isn’t it? It’s a wonderful little journey, this Life and Everything. It’s so Hard and rarely Easy, but it is so very, very good to be alive when all is said and done. Thank you for reading, kind ones. May your spirits be uplifted, too!

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