…And Another Thing

Normally I would be at work at this hour, but I got the day off! I’ve been a busy little bee this day, though, and so here’s a greeting from my part of the forest.

Currently using my labor-saving devices to get the laundry done, drink coffee, and pick on my husband. He’s such a wonderful man, though, and completed a task that won over my heart yet again. He went to the Public Library to scan a photo that my Mother has of her Mother (my Grandma), and I’m filled with maternal love to the max. Of course, the photo shows me how I came to be, as my mother’s mother looks just like me now. The best part of this photo is that it is one that my Mom has had since her youth, and she had devotedly written, “My Mother” on the back of the photo, which melted my heart indeed.

We are all so blessed to come from any family at all, and I hope that we all might remember those that came before. Now, there may be some bad memories in there, but to filter one’s thinking and to find compassion in our hearts just might be our one life’s task. Because when we forgive and move on we can begin to find compassion for ourselves, because not one of us is perfect. Yes, we are cracked, and “that is how the light gets in,” as Mr. Cohen says, Rest His Soul.

#Compassion #Love #LeonardCohen #Flowertown #BusyBee

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