A Fine Salad

For dinner tonight my husband and I had a fine salad, and really, is there anything better in this world than a fine salad? Honestly, just a little fresh lettuce can make the heart happy again, even when everything else seems miserable. This salad had raisins on it, even, and what a treat is that? Also, I forgot to mention the cucumber and celery.

What I shall not mention is that I was too lazy to cut up a carrot to bring a little orange to my green salad. It was very disappointing not to have some carrot in the fine salad.

A fine salad is almost as miraculous as a houseplant that survives, or a Christmas tree in wintertime. It is completely a blessing to be graced by a plant, and to think about photosynthesis. Food from light! I hope that the sun does always shine, and that there are sleepy nights in between. Life is the best, and let us all be thankful for this day.

#salad #plants #photosynthesis #greendays

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