Love Dog, Forest Dog

Now, our dog is a dog made of love. She thinks my husband and me are the very best parents a dog could ever have. She thinks we are something, for sure.

She did until today. We tried to get her a little harness so we could put her on a leash and take her for walks, like a normal pet family. This was after trying a regular leash at her collar that just made her stand still and frozen, immovable. Today, after a fearful trial ride in the truck, we tried to get her to walk around for a little bit outside with her harness and leash, but the little girl, all 8.4 pounds of her, just slipped out of the harness, and she ran around for a little bit indeed. Yes, she got her outside time today, but we have to return the harness, obviously. It didn’t work.

You can take a dog out of the forest, but you can’t take the forest out of the dog. We even have this little mutt because my husband, on a camping trip with friends, decided that she couldn’t stay at the campsite all winter alone, so they “rescued” her. It really was a rescue; she had been left all alone in some strange woods, and we still don’t know how long she had been there hungry and alone, but she did love to beg for food from campers. Her rescue was dramatic, and she has had shots and a microchip from a single vet visit a year later, and she has had a home with my husband and me now for the past coming on 2 years this October.

Obviously it has been a trial with this little Terrier, and she is so light on her feet that distance is no problem in her mind. And a little harness is nothing to this little Houdini who cannot be tamed. We had come so far! She had transitioned from just letting us give her food and keeping her warm inside, to coming upstairs and snuggling with her 2 favorite parents in the bed. Thankfully, she remembered that after getting loose today, going 2 streets over all alone, and then finally coming home! She’s back in the house now, drinking water, eating food, and enjoying her good life. Spoiled, but worth it. We love her so much, and our swift prayers were answered when she showed back up today, after a little run around like a crazy dog. Our baby is a wild thing. And you all have little human children! How in the world do you do it? I’ll never know, and our cat just shakes her head.

Thankfully our Forever Friend remembered her family. Praise the Lord! I hope she stays with us, and we can try again later. We’ll need a better harness. Thank goodness our back yard is fenced in for the regular days, and I do believe we’ll be able to go exploring again with a better plan and better equipment in the future.

#ForeverFriend #Terrier #Yorkiemutt #FreeBird #ForestLiving #NoLeashesAllowed #DogandPeople #NatureLovers

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