A dog and a cat

May I please just begin this post by declaring my unwavering love of my dog and my cat. This is my very first dog and my second cat. I want to have pets for the rest of my natural born life. These are our best friends, right?

As a child and growing-up person, it had always been clear to me that I would be a Mommy some day. Now I’m 45 with no human babies, but just animal pets. All I can think of now is getting sterilized because menopause is taking a miniute to get here. And this is all because of my #mentalhealth journey. I love my furbabies, but I’m scared of my own self, because I have a #schizoaffective disorder: depression, psychosis, and anxiety. I don’t think that was what the doctors treating me had intended, but the whole episode of my #twenties and #madness was enough for me to consider myself completely usesless as a procreating #human. I certainly don’t mean this in a bad way, and I feel as if my lack of childbearing is a boon for population control, and who knows what a #Psychmed pregnancy might have been like.

So for you all, #restoftheworld, you’re quite welcome. I did my part for the future. The actual terrible part of this woeful story is that all of my friends fom my twenties had babies, so I ran away from them and just tried to find a new path. I did find a great new path, and I’ve been married for close to fourteen years. Just no human babies. So I love my #furbabies. And I’m quite content with that. My #nextstep is to create #childrensliterature. Probably concerning my dog and cat, whose stories lend themselves to be chronicled for #posterity.

What I have learned from all of this is #love, #healing, #peace, and #harmony. Finally recognizing my own self worth, I can offer that to those I encounter on this #path to see in them as well. We are all so freaking blessed to be alive, and it is such a #miracle to even be a #human creature on this struggling planet that needs a big hug. So please, #reducereuserecycle, watch your #water, and figure out the #mentalhealth conundrum so young ladies won’t be losing their chance to make #babies because they might consider themselves to be #uncool because their #substanceabusing friends got tired of them.

I think that actually a lot of kids go to college and have a fine growing up time and do some great things. For these kids I #pray, and I trust that collectively we can figure out how to live harmoniously on God’s beautiful green Earth. Please save the #Future, friends! It’s a beautiful world.

5 thoughts on “A dog and a cat

  1. I love your blog! Thank you for sharing. Many times over the last years I’ve wanted to sit down and write like we used to, but always get “too busy.” What a terrible excuse. In my life, I want to slow down and enjoy more things that I don’t have time for. I have always and will always love you! I’m glad to see you are doing well!


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  2. Hi Susan,
    What a heartfelt post. I love pets too. I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve had but am happy you have your dog, cat and husband. Pets are such a blessing. I always grew up with animals: birds, dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, bunnies and a turtle. Now I have one long-haired Calico named Ella. She is a beauty. Looking forward to seeing you at my favorite library. Good luck with your children’s books. That sounds like a great idea!
    Take care,

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    1. Thanks, Robyn! I think I’m just trying to add to the mental health conversation, so we don’t all get deported. Am doing ok really though!
      Thanks for your positive influence. Your cat, Ella, sounds adorable! You are lucky to have a calico, for sure! Neato. Happy weekend!


  3. Our journey is never what we planned. I’m so thankful that you have found your way; fur babies are just as important in life as human babies, the pain you must have suffered. Love you to the moon and back. Glad I’m part of your pack now.

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