More Proactive Love

My Mom used to get on my very last nerve in the past, because her comments in response to my anxiety and unrest really seem only to be, “Pray.” Now I find myself actually applying her advice, and really trying to just, “Pray.”

In light of a world with problems, maybe this is really all we can do, you know except for actually trying to fix things. Having found that my ability to fix things and to influence others is kind of dim, I really have devoted myself to this one thing-improving my own attitude. Now I have had a horrific negative attitude, and still do sometimes, but I do try to look on the bright side of life more and more, and get this- it helps! “Turn around, Bright Eyes.”

So if I’m extra nice to everybody I come into contact with today, then maybe we’ll all have a better day. I found that one of the best things about being human is being humane, even when you see folks doing some awful stuff. I pray for my friends and family and strangers, and now the world just looks so much rosier.

It is incredibly aggravating to see life just get way too miserable for anybody that my Mom’s previously annoying advice has become to me a word to live by, so I do. She would be really proud of me if she read this post, but I can’t get her to tune in to my site because of communication difficulties. I think I’ll pray about it, and then maybe she’ll come to read my writing. Or actually to send her the proper link in an email. 😉

What if that really is all that it is, that personal relationship with God who cares. It is great to cleanse one’s soul with a positive heart, and the fact of the matter is that I believe in folks and the capacity to heal. My brain responds well to vitamins and love, as I’m sure most of our brains do, so I’ll keep smiling. I might turn into one of those folks who gives out a lot of hugs, too. Lord, be praised! Amen, friends, I’ve got to go pray now, for a minute. I promise to do some helpful things as well!

#peace #faith #hope #love #pleasantfuture #beautifulworld #I believeinyou

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