Life is Hard!

Hey there, fine blog readers! So sorry not to have looked at this for a few days, but you know how challenging life can be, and it was really not so bad. To those of you writing #novels, congratulations for being able to do that! I have the utmost respect for anyone who does give it a try, and not only that, admiration. It is not easy, especially for a goober like myself who struggles even to get books read in completion. Actually it is not as dire as I’m making it seem; I do read a fair amount, thankfully.

Here comes the message for today, when I was truly sick with my #schizoaffective disorder, I could not really read books, or follow television. Being able to do this now, I feel is a testimony to the body’s capacity for #healing. This is merely a reminder, that it is possible to get better. I really felt as if my diagnosis had been a life sentence for always being messed up, but I did get better.

This is what helped: regular employment, or mind occupation. I really don’t have time now to be overly concerned with my “crazy” thoughts, and they are not as crazy as much. I found an interest, which is #children’sbooks, and decided that this just might be my saving grace. So yes, it does take an entire occupation of mind and heart to get better. To occupy the mind must be our greatest task as human beings, and I’m so thankful to be able to do that now.

I do accept that my primary contribution to the human experience really just might be my cordial #customerservice, but I am fine with that. I like people, and my job, and not so much do I feel as if everybody hates me. I honestly did, and do still at times, feel as if everybody hates me. Yes, I know, I should go eat worms. But not really, as my husband is curing me by not giving up on me. My family, my parents, they are the world, too. It is a blessing to have folks that care, so I just try to be sweet everywhere I go.

Thank you for reading this blog today, and I hope that anybody in any state of mind has the hope to continue on after reading this #missive. Please don’t ever give up, because things do get better, not dependent upon how hard you work, but upon how much you care. It is good to cherish life, and to accept that folks are here to help and to love you as the unique creature you are. I have faith in the healing of anyone with mental illness who turns away from hate, because that, my friends, is the mind killer. Please keep your minds healthy and alive with trust and good spirits. May God bless you all, and please go make some art or something, so you can remember what a privilege it is to be a #humanbeing. Thank you again for keeping reading this post and for not giving up on me. #Takecare!

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