Proactive Love

Today I learned a thing, and it made my day, well, my life, all the better because of it. I did learn that it is best to exhibit #Proactivelove, or rather love without any other reason except for the necessity of love. Of #Acceptance, of #Trust, and of #Truth. For we are all blessed to be here and to be alive, so it is up to us to exceptionally love those that we come in contact with, regardless of any stipulation except that we are human beings.

At my job today, I accepted this mindset and did my best to serve as best as I possibly could. What a great day it was! Now, in the past, I might have tried to adopt this mindset and found my days to be all the more difficult, with more demands on my customer service, but today I’m up for it. I will again accept my pledge to “Serve God, my Country, Mankind, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.” Okay, so I know that this is an oversimplification, and that I was only a Girl Scout for one year, after which I did give up from the unselfserving.

It is easy to believe that we are not all good as human beings, but I do not want to accept that. Despite any bad apples, I want to believe that We are #good and made in the image of our #Creator.

Today I learned to #proactively love. For the #Future.

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