Tuesday Nite!

Rock on, friends, it’s a Tuesday Nite! I gave myself a shot of my Rebif (life-saving MS medicine, that works for me, don’t know what might work for you) and then cleaned the toilets in our house, after first cleaning the sinks. I feel like it was an adventure in not germ-spreading, and do believe that I can now make affirmations about cleanliness with a “clean” conscience. My Momma would kill me if she read this, but I cannot communicate to her how to find my blog, and she could not bear to read it after my past confessional post about my past troubles, anyway.

Did you know that it was recently National Friendship Day of 2019? My good friend, who is my husband, did not even say anything. Was he not planning Preschool Story Times like his Dumbass wife? Guess not. Oh well. He’d probably show a cartoon anyway. His Brilliant and Charming wife, I meant to say.

My songmaking has not improved and I do still lack a lot of musical skill. What is most disturbing though is the fact that I have the brain shrinkage from my MS going on, and so there is not much hope for brilliant art-making from me anyway.

But how brilliant is life that unfolds before me, and how great are the books that I read and share with friends! Praise the Lord that I’ve figured out how to sum things up concisely, and that I do not have to tell the story of the stories I pursue, because in this day and age I trust that you can find it on your own. It’s so exciting that we are all grown-ups now, or so I hope, and even better that I do not have to actually tell anybody else how to live, having dodged the child-rearing bullet with my obliging husband.

Really, I must affirm that my one life skill is selecting colors and matching things up, while smiling. I think that this is something to be proud of, and we all know the benefits of self-pride. It’s what gets one through the day.

I pray that everyone will be happy and well today, and that the weight of the world won’t be on any individual’s shoulders. If it is, I pray that that person will call a friend and chat, maybe have some coffee and a snack. If the weight of the world is indeed upon any of our reader’s shoulders right now, I pray for self-pride, confidence, and friendships to the max. Life is a precious journey, and I wish you all safe passage. God bless!

#MS #hope #journey #learning #grownups

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