Lazy Sunday

Today is a Lazy Sunday, but I must have needed the rest. It is refreshing to be doing my laundry with a labor-saving machine, and it’s one of those times that I’m thankful for the blessings of modernity. Unfortunately, to say such a thing makes me mindful of the environmental degredation of modernity as well, and I just realize that you can’t win. One really can’t, and if you are winning, then probably your lifestyle needs some reevaluation.

Speaking of, in cleaning my closet today I found some really cute ankle boots that I thought were as cool as all get out, yet rarely wore (they have a little heel and that scares me.) What I discovered today was that the really nice plastic from which the soles were made had turned into a really unsightly pale grey instead of black like the rest of the shoe. Now these were actually some nice ankle boots that I had bought on sale with my employee discount, and yet they still had turned to despicable modern crap, like everything else. It’s despicable at times, this modernity that makes everything great. How disappointing at the end of the day, but at least my closet is clean now.

Had a five day run here on the blog, but yesterday I didn’t post anything. Probably doesn’t matter. I’m reevaluating the blog exercise, but the typing practice is good for me, considering the fact that I was too busy to take typing in high school like everybody else. Story of my #modernlife.

This Sunday has been blessed by watching church online, spending time with my husband and dog. We’re listening to music as I type away like a professional typist or something. Life is a #blessing, and I’m incredibly thankful for it. Perhaps you all are healing me by being present, and I hope that it’s healing you, too. It’s nice not to be thinking about everything wrong, but by actively focusing on everything that’s going right. This blog is the most proactive homework I’ve had in a while. Yay, team #getbetter!

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