Better Day

Dear Friends,

Thankfully today, I drank my coffee, just as how I know it is meet and right so to do. I did not have a headache, but I was prepared with my #Peppermintoil. It was a blessing just to be at work, knowing my thermos was full of that magic elixir, coffee.

Also today, I managed to notify my Twitter friends about my silly little blog, that I do feel so thankful to have figured out how to make happen. I hope that everyone does enjoy my super-short posts, and that maybe I can charm you all with just #frequency of updates. Unfortunately I have not figured out as much visually as to what might be cool, so I hope that you all bear with me.

It has been so exciting to see what #everybodyelse is doing with these blog spaces, and I’m so glad to learn from all of you excellent wordsmiths. It is so much fun to feel like part of the big universe with my little laptop and big, broken heart. Because, yes, I’m doing this to heal, and it just may be working. My #dog, who snores, also helps me out by just being present. So maybe this is why I need to be here, to snore next to my new #friends.

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