Thank You All!

Thank you all for liking my recent post about Boiled Peanuts. That was very nice of you to take interest and to even hit the “like” button.

As a WordPress Newbie, I just want you all to know that I do like it here! It’s so fascinating to read everybody’s words and all of the many fine ideas therein.

Early to bed for me due to my MS and work schedule, but I couldn’t just go to sleep without thanking you all. Don’t worry, surely I’ll figure out more savvy ways to do so, with @ and # symbols. In the mean time, I hope that everyone is content with “you all.” I really mean it in the best of spirits. 🙂

While I started out to share about my mental illness and life struggles, and in general to make clear all of those pressing issues of which I am unable to express in normal living, I think what I might use this blog for is kindling and promoting positive energy. I mean, it’s good to #purifythemind and #cleansetheheart, right? I’m counting on it, for sure.

I only want not to be sick anymore. Needless to say, probably I’m not the only one who feels this way. So let us resume the effort of #healing, and #trustGod that it will happen.

#blue #peace #nonviolence #morepeace #blessings

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