Boiled Peanuts

This evening, around 7:30, I ate some boiled peanuts until my fingers became salty and wrinkled. Has this ever happened to anybody else? It took a minute before I could revisit my homepage, and my tea did get a little lukewarm. I know “Lifestyles of the Brokenhearted and Lonely.” It’s quite a life I lead, but I’m finally happy, because of my husband, my dog, and my cat. And our plants. We love our plants.

This evening is of not watching television, and of only eating boiled peanuts and drinking lukewarm tea, and is just the way I like my life. I know that I take it far too easy, but I promise that I do contribute with my health statistics and by answering surveys about how well my services are performing, like the pharmacy. I don’t think that I’m the only one who lives like this, and I do keep my #appointments. I speak openly about my #MS in public, but not really my #mentalhealth status, because it’s embarrassing a little. This blog is for the sole intention of making it less so. Maybe if all of us humans had blogs, and we could all see the inner working mystery of life. It’s fraught with #anxiety, but that goes so much better when we all let the doctors treat it as they see fit.

My husband visited his friend this evening so that they could talk about music. You know, rock and roll. His friend cannot teach me how to play the guitar, and I cannot figure it out on my own. I still dream of the day that I can play a song or at least strum some chord, with a name and a key and a lovely sound. I know, #pitiful. I keep thinking that one day it will all come together.

And so today: wrinkly fingers that are already numb from MS, a better attitude that is well cultivated with medicine, and today at work on time, with a smile and good humor. It’s really all I can do. Thank goodness that I have learned to love this old #life.

#life #doldrums #boiledpeanuts #getalife

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