Love My Pets

How can I ever adequately describe how much I love my dog and cat? You know that I will just jump in and try to do so, despite the collective eye-rolling of my vast readership.

When I was a kid, we never had pets. Apparently my family had a dog when I was a baby, and this dog passed away in one of my parent’s arms, so my family never did that again. I think Mom and Dad really loved this dog, a dachshund named, “Charlie,” God rest his soul. Now, after my nervous breakdown in college, they let me get a cat, and so I got Emma, who also is in Heaven now. I really loved that lady, as did my parents, because she was a very good cat.

Of course, as a kid without pets, I always thought that animals were the very best, and now I have a cat and a dog! I’m a Two Pet Parent! Needless to say, I do have somewhat of a problem because I love my pets too much.

When we had Emma, my Mom, a biology teacher by profession, always used to say to me, “Don’t kiss the cat!” This was very treacherous because we knew all about parasites and cat cooties and germs, but I must say that I loved my cat very much, so she did get the occasional kiss, in secret.

Now my dog Salty can’t go anywhere without getting hugs and kisses, because I’m a grown-up, and I get to make the rules of pet ownership in this household. Still, in my mind, I can only think of animal germs, so she doesn’t get quite as many kisses as my heart would care to offer.

I think that I have an Animal Love Problem. I hope that I will survive. It’s kind of scary. Thank goodness my cat is an Outside Cat. My dog, though, she is my baby, all 8.4 pounds of her. What do I do with all of this love in my heart for my furbabies? Well, I just take one million photographs, and on occasion do try to draw them. Actually, I will chronicle their existence in stories, starting with this one, and hopefully leading to a good Dog and Cat Buddy Adventure Story.

This is why we humans are alive, undoubtedly. These pets are just as good as #psychmeds, if not better, in truth. My life is so much more complete, just because of my #Pets. My husband thinks that I’m much nicer now, too. 🙂

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