Breakfast Tea

Taking a coffee break, so I’m having a little English Breakfast Tea. It’s quite nice.

My message for today is: #self-care is good for everyone. Sometimes I forget about it, but the long weekend that I’m currently having is really driving the point home. The extra sleep allowed my brain to heal a little, and some exercise got the blood moving. Yesterday. That was yesterday’s exercise. After this, I’ll try to get some in for today.

Speaking of “Yesterday,” my husband and I watched that new movie yesterday. I loved it so much. It really made me think about the nature of art, and celebrity. My goal in life is to make art, and never to become a celebrity. Really, there’s no risk involved at this point, so today my plan is to make a drawing of my dog for a friend who’s been under the weather. That’s good enough.

Yesterday, incidentally, I thought of an idea for a kid’s book that I’m really excited about. Now I’ve got to make this real as well. Won’t it be nice when we can all just make stuff when inspired and not have to win accolades beyond just a smile. I’m loving WordPress for this reason, as I can express myself while not having to make the #BestSellersList. Seriously, I’m so tired of hearing my Mom tell me I could sell my artwork, and of everyone’s soulish efforts being commercialized.

Let’s all take a chill pill and make art for art’s sake, maybe. I know, what to do about money? Do you all think that maybe one day human beings might figure out how to support themselvs without having to sell their souls in the process? We do learn about sharing in Kindergarten, so I hope that the idea really kicks off. I hope that everyone finds passion for the work that they do to keep themselves alive, and in so doing loves #life for what it is. It’s sharing and caring, right? Let’s all keep this world real, and humanity something worth appreciating for what it is. A precious gift of life! #Hallelujah.

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