A young lady with whom I had made acquaintance at my job had a cat that was expecting #kittens. Of course she was trying to find homes for these babies, and I was a likely target as a cat parent, because of my fine customer service sweetness skills. After wrestling with my husband, we agreed that we would take one, even though we had a cat already.

After the kittens were born, I visited the young lady’s house to see the kittens and hopefully to select one that she could prepare for going home with me. And so I sat on the floor in the kitten’s play area, and as I was chatting with my new friend, one of the kittens just came and sat on my lap, as she was destined to become my baby cat. This was a miracle of nature, and I fell in love with the baby cat, the smallest of the litter, and named her, “Cloudy.”

A few weeks later the Cat Mama Lady visited me at my job, and gave me the news that Cloudy had not made it. My heart was broken, but she still had to find homes for a litter of cats, so I agreed that I would take a different one, and we agreed on the kitten that had one orange ear who also had been curious about me on the visit day. We named this other cat, “Pepper.” Thankfully she is still with us, but my husband and I have long suspected her of foul play, that she was jealous of Cloudy and took over the family.

Cloudy will always have a piece of my heart, because when else had a Nature Born Critter just come and sat on my lap? I always dreamed that the squirrels would come visit me when playing outside as a kid, but this moment with Cloudy was the real deal. I felt like a #DisneyPrincess that the world had smiled upon when cuddled by tiny Cloudy, Who Did Not Make It.

In the #AfterLife, I imagine other such precious moments, and maybe I’m silly for doing so, but it sure makes me feel better about the #MysteryofLife. The love that Cloudy and I shared speaks well to me about the #Nature of #Love and #Destiny and the #MeaningofLife. I love Pepper, too, very, very much, but she has to be an outside cat, after killing her sister.

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