The Cupcake Lady

My niece’s best friend, who is also now my niece, has taken on a #Smallcakes Franchise Cupcakery. There is a punch card system where you get a free tenth cupcake. I’m on #7, and I do solemnly pledge to get the reward, and then lay off the cupcakes. May or may not work. They are so good, and I do fear that she might be generous with the sugar.

Do you all remember when “Just a Spoonful of Sugar” would make “the medicine go down?” These were words to live by, and now everybody’s gone Paleo. Granted, I do have a super-fat belly, but I’ve hit 45 and I just don’t care anymore. I try to exercise, and my doctor does check up on my sugars at times, and thus far I’m okay.

These are horrible words to live by! Please don’t take this to heart and kindle a super-fat belly your own self. I cannot abide by a Low-Carb Lifestyle, though, because I’m a Pro-Carb Woman from Zyprexa Land with a good ol’ Super Fat Belly. I do recognize that this will probably kill me sooner rather than later, but remember the suicidal tendencies? I actually for once do not really Want to Die, so who knows what the future holds.

I’m going to stick to drinking a lot of herbal and regular tea, and will hope that this could be my affliction. You know, you don’t hear that much about people being brought down by Green Tea. The cupcakes, though. I know better, but I’ll get a FREE one soon. And what better in life is that which is brought by what is free.

The fact of the matter is that my life has been an ongoing medical experiment of treatments and therapies, and I do feel as if it’s all I’m good for. Not. I’m actually really sweet to people, and I’m doing okay with my MS, despite the cupcakes, and still honestly do not care anymore except to get through each day with my husband, my dog and my cat. I opted not to make babies, out of the kindness of my heart, and because of my Fears of the Future. Actually, I believe that we will all be so hooked on psych meds that there will become a cult of Abstainers who make children for the Future, in order to treat those with Addled Minds at the Nursing Home Central where everybody will live.

Dystopian Future? Young Adult Lit urges it to come to pass. Aw Hell, like y’all won’t all be eating Soylent Green anyway.

On a happier note, there is a Better Future promised by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, where we can eat cupcakes in moderation, and cherish the lives we have. I strive to memorize the Fruits of the Spirit, as described in Galations, but I can never remember them. Let’s try: Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindliness, generosity, trustfulness, gentleness, self control. I just copied that right out of my New New Testament, and I can remember that there are 9 of these great fruits listed in Chapter 5 of the Book of Galations, with Gentleness and Self-Control being the two I remember most easily, because of the Gentleness that I’ve got, and the Self-Control that carries me over quite willingly to the Cupcake Shop.

I’m a problem drinker, but I rarely drink. I take such a small amount of my Klonopin daily that mt doctors and nurses just kind of make fun of me for my 0.25 mg in the morning. I do know that the Queen of England drinks like 4 cocktails a day, according to the Internet News and Magazine Trifles, that I feel like I’m doing okay. Despite being incredibly self-centered, my heart, she does seek to love unconditionally. I pray that all of you reading this, might glean the better part of this message, which is to Love Thyself, along with Thy Neighbor, who just might have a Cupcake Shop that one ought to support.

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