The Heat!

The air conditioner broke last weekend. It was not something that I could just endure with a fan and a positive attitude. Thankfully, we got it fixed relatively quickly, and I didn’t lose any plants, although my dog did get strangely aggressive. Thankfully, she’s little, although has very sharp teeth.

This is why you all haven’t heard from me in forever, even though I’ve been reading posts that have been great, and that have made me very happy and hopeful for the heart of humanity. It was nice to be at work reading your posts on my phone at lunchtime, so thank you for the great writing and beautiful photographs. It gave me hope that one day it just might cool off again, and it did! It’s still going to be hot for a little while longer, but at least I won’t end up multiply sclerotically dead in my bedroom as I had feared, with the ac fixed now and my attitude restored.

What I had been led to think while perusing your posts is that life indeed is a precious treasure. I know that sounds weird coming from someone who had been so suicidal, but I guess my message and purpose of still writing is to affirm that life is worth living. Maybe it is because I am a dog parent now that I see the truth of the goodness of life, because my dog smells so good to me. And that, my friends, is the meaning of life, to find those really good smelling friends and situations, regardless of what might have come before.

#dog #meaningoflife #brokenairconditioning #stillalive

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