Thank You Kindly

You all are so great for even being alive and sturdy and true! You are like a very nice house that one might be pleased to make one’s #home. Thank you for reading this blog at all.

After we went to the post office, and then dinner, my husband and I drove by the Rec Center, and guess who we saw crossing the road! A bunny rabbit! Seriously. This little bunny was not afraid to cross the road, and he was moving quickly. I hope he has a sweet bunny warren home, and is friends with other bunnies who treat him kindly.

It’s a wonder that any of us in this unusual #world even make it from day to day, and I hate to be so incredulously living, but wow! the science and math of getting up every day and taking care of these old bodies of bone and staying alive is a veritable miracle. Just think of the #bunnyrabbit coexisting with a bunch of cars and questionable meal opportunities that has stayed alive, just like how You did, Dear Reader! It is truly by the #grace of #God, no matter what your personal faith may be.

I encourage all of you to open your eyes and look around at this old #world we live in, and then please do your best to make it a better place. Just by offering company and #solace like how we do here is a great way to find that #peaceofmind that does so often elude us all.

My purpose here is to #recover from the #heartache of just being #alive, and We are all together in this #journey, are We not? Thank you kindly for paying attention to these ramblings, and please pray that I get better at writing and pursuing #Thought of any substance whatsoever.

Also please pray that I give up on this notion of #Wordpress, and then go clean something and practice my guitar that I cannot play because of the #FearofImperfection. Better yet, please just tell me to go #pray, or make a drawing of my beautiful dog, who did quite literally save my heart. Thank you, Jesus, for leading me #Home. Thank you friends, for caring and following, and for sharing your writing with me. xo

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