Empathic Tendencies

I’m writing now to let you know that the purpose of my blog, ironically, is to help me to get over myself and my emotional pain and hurt of having a #schizoaffective disorder, coexisting with an incurable disease, multiple sclerosis. My #MS reminds me that it is my brain that is sick, regardless of whatever mythical or quite real chemical imbalance I might be subject to as a “psych” patient. Actually, I know that I’m addicted to my psych meds, because I did try to stop them, encountered the withdrawal, and got back on. My story is that it did play itself out, and now I take my medicine, and try to eat healthy and exercise. That is entirely, like, all I can do. I trust everyone’s ability to find their right and proper path, whatever that might be.

It’s true that we all are suffering, as that is the #human condition. By not watching and reading so much of the painful stuff, I’ve been able to give myself some #peace, but in this day and age, there is no way around the awfulness of humanity, except to just love thy neighbor. #Love is so complicated, multifaceted, and filled with frequent trouble, that it is a blessing to ever even really try. I’m so thankful that I largely cut the #television off, but I do watch some stuff, and there still is my phone and the “internet of discord.” That’s my new name for it. It’s kind of stupid.

As am I! I love to purport to basically everyone that I am kind of stupid, that I have brain damage, and entirely not all of the answers. Now, what I can do is to look some stuff up, and I do, but for goodness sakes I don’t tell other people what to think or do, except, “Be nice.”

I like to read books, and to trust my inner barometer of the peace in my heart. After just having looked at Twitter and Facebook, I decided to just go away from it for awhile. It is a terrible time to watch the news, so I’ll do my best and to vote with intensity, when I can. My vote now is for peace and love, and I don’t even smoke weed, as my mental illness has renedered such activity as unnecessary, futile, and brain damaging. That brain already is damaged, but I do make tonics and potions to add to my #medicine, like the organic #chamomile and #lavender tea that I’m drinking right now.

I don’t have any children, except my dog and my cat. Thankfully my husband does not eat crap up off of the floor, like how my dog does, so the only admonitions are directed at little Salty when she is chewing on something that she should not be. My take on the world, as I see it from my little peace-loving bubble is that a good portion of you all are eating crap up off of the floor. Please come to the table, and pull yourself up a seat. Let’s drink tea together, and talk about things like the weather. I feel your pain sometimes, World at Large, and my response is only to smile and to lend an ear at times, when I can.

Thank you kindy for reading this, and please do follow me, if you care for more of this drivel. It’s really the best I can do, except to take my medicine, to go to the grocery store, to go to my job and to go to church, where I pray for all of us united in our #humanstruggle. I trust in the #blessing of being alive, and I do encourage you to share this #blessing, that in the past for me has felt like a #curse. I wish you all the best, dear ones. I really do.

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