New Plant

I’m excited to say that we are now the proud parents of a new plant, a Succulent from the grocery store that we bought on sale. How could I resist? My husband was keen on the purchase, and so our new plant has a new home here with us. It does not yet have a name, because I very rarely name our houseplants. Maybe I should start!?! We can’t keep calling that new plant a succulent, though, because that sounds gross.

It has a new home next to a dying, but always regenerating #Aloe plant, that was an offshoot from another aloe that I had for years, but who is no longer with us. That’s the thing about plants. I mean I hate to lose anybody, but sometimes they might not make it, especially if I get too generous with the watering, or too stingy (forgetful) with it. The New Plant also lives next to my fabulous Snake Plant who is a hardy fighter, and also doesn’t need much water or sunlight. 🙂

My plants that do maintain a #WilltoLive make me so happy, and defeat my often personally suicidal tendencies. Really, I’m sort of healing from that, or at least I am today. I take everyhing way too personally for regular #human existence, but I’m starting to finally get that better under control. This place helps with that. Connecting with other folks who also struggle takes away a lot of the #stigma of #mentalillness. I’m glad that we can connect here.

Secretly, I really tried to become a #Counselor, but would not take the test for certification because of my lack of faith in myself. I completed the coursework, but could not believe to take the test, nor to find a job in said profession. Now I work for my health insurance in another job, that I’m grateful to have, but fear I don’t deserve. You know, because I’m not #perfect. I wish all of us could just stop and acknowledge to all of our other #human #workerbees that life is such a challenge, as is the nature of it. What I really did learn from counseling school and from all of the times in therapy, is that we are all trying very hard to just get by, and that is #goodenough.

My dog won’t let me take the time away from her to write this missive, so I should find the time now to connect with her, a mighty fine #Terrier. She did not manage to eat my new house plant friend, and I put the new living plant on a high enough shelf that it should not be a problem, but there is always that threat of lack of water and light. I try to intervene when I can, on the behalf of those kind souls around me, #vegetable and #animal. Next thing you know, it will be the #mineral crystal friends or something. In any case, #Peace and #Love; #Goodnight.

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