Takin’ It Easy

My new lot in life is to be kind, to myself as well as to others. Part of my mental illness has been the really intense self-criticism, self-loathing and perfectionism. No more of that, hopefully. Moving forward, day by day.

Learned a great new #meditation trick, realizing that I am not a monk in Tibet, you know, to use the ambient sounds on my timer. The day before yesterday I meditated to the sound of rain. It was very nice, as well as gently soothing.

Because there’s an ongoing disease process in my brain, that I pray might stay in remission, maybe I should just give up on trying to be anything other than okay as myself. MS is so unpredictable, and I’m tired of carrying it entirely in my emotions rather than getting over it. Yes, my current plan is to get over it, through not obsessive study, exercise when I can, and by taking odd tonics like the matcha tea I had tonight before the exercise that I did not do in vain, but with the utmost appreciation that I’ve made it another day.

Tomorrow I will go to #church, and #praise and #worship the #Lord who saves me. My prayers shall be for those souls that I encounter in my many ongoing days of still being alive. My life process now is to accept the love of Jesus, and to accept the healing that He offers. Honestly I’ll do my best not to be a terrible person or ungrateful follower of Jesus, and will be kind and gentle to those on the path that They are following. #Peace

There is so much awful terrible stuff going on right now that I reject meaness and spite. Those terrible political personages that are wrecking our planet I reject as well. My goal is to live kindly and peacably, always with love in my heart.

Yes, I know that there is suffering, and I will do my best not to ever encourage it. I will surely #vote, having done my studies, and do my best not to cuss about the whole stinking mess of things until my head explodes. I trust that there is a better #Way.

Please forgive my self-centeredness on this blog, but I’m hoping that changing and moving on is what will get me through my days of sickness to thinking of Other Things. No more of Sad #Ruminations, and now #hope for all of us recovering from the #brokenheart that is life on Earth. Wishing You all #salvation, and also trusting that You may find it. My beautiful fellow #humanbeings.

#Faith #Hope #Love #Tomorrow and #Today

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