New Friends

Am really looking forward to reading my new follows, and I hope I write enough tolerable stuff to get new #followers myself. There was a blessing of deletion on my last post, when I accidentally omitted a block where I guess I was down in the dumps. The new post got a few likes! Hooray.

Church this morning was fantastic, because it was simple and everybody was in a good mood. That’s what I love about my new church, very positive, yet still out there doing stuff to make the world a little better. Very keen on the Mission of bringing folks into the #Kingdom. It’s a good place when we do try.

Now back to #MentalHealth. Is the constant #optimism the answer? Not sure, because the critical thinking is necessary, so I hope to find a precious balance, while also saving my life. It’s kind of cool that I’ve got this disease and fear of #disability, and maybe this is what will change my life for the better. I figure it can’t really hurt to try, and I’m not the sort of person who will also try to sell a million dollars worth of curative measures for a heady profit. Whatever it is that’s going on in healthcare and pharmaceutical profiteering is a little bit sick, if you ask me. You didn’t, so I won’t go there. Back to the positive thinking.

Can you all believe that we are all even here thinking seriously about all of this #stuff, when it is really the #eternalbliss that we are seeking? Of course, I can’t promise that life will be great all of the time for everybody, but I do hope that I can foster this interminable #hope. I am learning how to pray for folks, that their paths might be #blessed. I figure that’s the best I can do.

I hope that all of my mentally ill friends are doing okay, and that we are all finding the #copingskills that we need. It’s the one day at a time outlook that is saving me, and the remembering of at least one or two ideas at a time in my feeble brain, in order to promote #goodwork and #goodeffects. Like today, my plan is to do laundry, exercise again, paint my nails, and read a good book. I know, that’s a lot of work, but I pray it will keep me #occupied positively.

Now, fate has not blessed me with children, but I sympathize with those on that path. They do great work, those brave families. I guess my devotion to my husband and our work of making #art is just fine and good enough.

True story: My medicine that I take, my #olanzapine gives me a super fat belly so I just look like I’m pregnant all the time, except for when I do stay in the habit of exercising. I was always a skinny kid, coming up, so I’m not good at dieting to combat the #Fatbelly. Since I work around families and kids, folks are always asking me if I’m pregnant, when I’m absolutely certain that I’m not, so all it does is make me depressed as hell. Rememeber this: Never ask a lady if she is expecting. It’s really not your business, stranger.

But life is good, and I’m thankful for every precious day. I wish all of you #faith and #goodtimes. Remember that Jesus said that His “yoke is easy and the burden is light.” That’s what I mean about doing good and moving forward. Please read Matthew, Chapter 11, and give yourself a break.

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