A Show!

My husband and I have just returned from a rock and roll concert. It’s very late, but I want to give my dog some quality attention time by staying awake.

So here’s the story: We’ve just returned from #Athens, GA, where we saw Kristin Hersh in in a group of three, with also a very good bass player and drummer. Don’t you know that like true musicians they could change up with each others instruments, and play them all equally well?

Of course now I want to truly play a stringed instrument, but I know I’m not dedicated to practice and to actually learn. Really I need to just learn some simple children’s songs for #storytime, but again, the laziness and might I mention, #frustration.

My problem is that I’m an untalented #artist. Just what is the matter with me? #mentallyill #delusional #lazy #dilettante

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