New Bedspread

My husband and I bought this new Kate Spade bedspread, and it is already changing my life. The pattern is so lovely, the colors so pretty, that all I can do is dream of painting and design, though most likely to no avail. The first thing that I must do is clean up my workspace. This laptop is undoubtedly a crutch, and the blog the same, but words and pictures will have me forever entranced.

I didn’t paint really until my early twenties, and then soon came the madness, or whatever you want to call it, and then I grew to be afraid of imagery and ideas. It sucked. I’m hoping at 45 I can wrestle my way out of the doldrums, and maybe self-actualize to be a children’s book maker. My dearth of stories and lack of product does make this hard, and it’s all I can do to get to my job every day.

Mental health is no joke, and it’s a garden we must all tend with utmost care. This is why I want to make the children’s books, to lend confidence to other nerdlets like myself whose growth was stunted by lack of confidence.

Thank you, universe, for WordPress, and for my faith in the other writers. For some reason, just knowing that somebody else has had the strength to make something, makes it possible. And the new bedspread with the inspiration of a life cut tragically short, well it should be an ongoing reminder to keep trying.

#shortreads #suicide #celebritydesign #lifepartner #hope #futuredays #bedspread

Our Kate Spade bedspread

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