Broken Ring

This is the story of my very cool ring that is now broken. So I got this Five dollar ring with a wave on it, that is featured on this site as you may have noticed, but my horrible news is that it is already broken. I guess I can’t keep wearing it, despite the lackluster immortalization of it on this website. Hope that you all will recover.

In other news, I just made a Kate Spade purchase, in immortalization of her great style, and ongoing belief in her navigation of the Afterlife. Perhaps I just feel as if G*d is Infinitely good, and that all of the crazy Overly Religious Know It Alls, may not actually Know It All with their finite minds. Perhaps I am wrong. I trust we’re all free thinking Independent minds here looking at this message. I’m quite keen on her legacy, and on my purchase. Maybe this is what shall move me past my own suicidal thinking, as discussed earlier on this blog.

Maybe I’m over that now, and have adopted new thinking and coping strategies, like the ultimate giving it over to the G*d that I adore, whom I believe is Infinitely Good. Now, I know all the Grown-Ups in the room might just criticize my assertion of having ended my depression, but I just think that twenty-five years is enough for me. This seems to work for other folks, I guess, and maybe it will work for me.

Granted, because of my MS, the medicine for which, and inherent brain damage, I won’t quit the anti-depressants, I’m just going to keep on keeping on. I think that it’s polite that I’m not trying to sell this idea to anyone, nor that I won’t have faith in the Grown Ups who tend to my health. I’m pretty sure that I’m not having a fit of mania and relative well-being madness, and I think that I’ve made a good decision to accept that I’m doing fairly well, or good enough. I pray that this will help me to Love My Neighbor more effectively, and maybe it is quite simply all about an attitude adjustment, this making our way through the incredibly challenging Life Adventure.

In any case, after having gone to church this morning and Worshipping my Lord, I feel thankful and grateful that there might be more days ahead for us to cherish. Let’s all vote and love peace, please, and trust that there is goodness out there, and that we can smile at strangers, and sing out loud when necessary. I’m here for the duration, and for the day that is called tomorrow, with hope up my sleeve, finally.

Oh, and another thing, I gave my precious dog a bath yesterday. Maybe my life has infinitely improved because I got a stinky dog who loves me. Happy Sunday!

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