My dog

My husband and I specifically argue in a not mean-spirited way about our dog, and whose dog she is, really. I contend that she is my dog, and my husband does know that she is his dog.

We both take very good care of her, even when she drives us crazy, and she does that a lot. At other times, she is the sweetest dog in the whole wide world, and we are smitten.

To be honest, although my husband did find this dog, she was a birthday present for me, because he was off on a camping trip with his friends on my birthday, even though he says he loves me.

The dog appeared at the campsite and was so cute that someone had to take her. She is a very cute dog. She is the boss of my husband and me, because of her cuteness.

Oh, to be a Terrier in this wild world, and to find some people to give you food and to let you sleep in their bed, after a rather mysterious time alone in the Forest with deer and squirrels and camp food from strangers.

Maybe one day she’ll give up and tell us her story, but in the meantime, we’ve gotten her chipped. She’s our dog now, but she is my dog, really.

#DOG #GoodGirl #wehaveacat,too

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