How long?

How much longer must I dwell on my yucky past and heartache, especially when I have such a lovely life in front of me? Thankfully, I feel as if not too much longer, because different paths are arising that will hopefully get my head out of my butt.

It’s the reading of other writing that this website is about, of course. It is so fascinating to hear other folks’ take on life, as that is the big mystery, right? I hope so. I hope it’s all about everyone in the game, and good sportsmanship.

Maybe how to do this will become apparent, and maybe I’ll ask more friends to read this thought exploration as I get out of my too many years of being unsure. It’s very cool that this provides an opportunity to edit, and to practice typing. Altogther a Beginner’s Mind every day, and maybe that’s the effect of sleep quality, nutrition, and companionship.

Thank you, so incredibly cool, @flowersinthebrain, for liking my post and for your great example on WordPress. I really dig your clever title, “Flowers in the Brain, ” as I also remember the book that you reference, and really because I like to hope that there are pretty things growing in my brain, too. Very inspirational, your name, and your website. Yay for YA books! I’ll be following you for sure. 🙂

My task here I feel is going to be to forge ahead, with hope in my heart, and trust in the future. Thank you all who have read so far, and who don’t give up too easily, as that is my current life lesson embodied in this blog. Blessings, everyone, and good night.

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