In the Airport

Dear Friends,

While we were waiting for our flight, my family was ambling about the Airport, mainly sitting but also checking out shops. My husband and I stopped at a place with books and magazines, but were independently searching the place. Remember, he was wearing a white long-sleeved T-shirt.

Because flying makes me a little nervous, I was overly fixated on some paperbacks. These looked like great books! Of course I came up with ideas that I wanted to tell my husband about.

Being quite nearsighted, I turned to see a masculine back in a white T-shirt so I planted an earnest kiss on the shoulder of whom I thought was my husband. A very kind gentleman then patiently explained that he was probably not who I thought he was.

Oh, no! Sorry, dude! I ran to my husband to tell him what had happened, then swiftly left the shop to find the rest of my family.

After that there were no swift kisses in the Airport, and I waited ever so patiently and sedately for our flight.

Yowser. That could have been much worse, and my niece very sweetly told me that maybe I made Mr. Stranger in a White T-Shirt feel a little bit better about humanity, despite a mistaken, heartfelt kiss.

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