A Journey!

Tomorrow my husband and I are going on a trip with his side of the family. It is very exciting, but I am freaked out a little, because of my inherent anxiety of which I’m hoping this blog will help me to overcome.

What is the most disconcerting fact about this trip is that we will be leaving behind our 8.4 lb. Yorkshire Terrier mix rescue dog, who is emotionally unsettled, and very dependent upon her human parents for the love she holds for us so dear in her heart. I’m actually not embellishing the truth, she is, in fact, a dog made of true love.

Our cat will continue to rule the outdoors, and our friends will feed our furbabies, as well as hopefully give them attention. Our cat is a very fine cat, of stalwart disposition and of very good sense.

My social anxiety is diminishing somewhat, but this will be a test, this adventure. I love our family, though, and I’m hoping we will get to know one another even better. Ah, shit.

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