Lovely Evening

Yesterday my husband and I went across town to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It turned out to be well worth the drive, as we had the yummiest dinner together. What is most noteworthy about the experience, aside from the delicious food, I believe, is the powerful fortune that I received in my cookie […]

Payback Cat

Well, friends, I think that my cat has been reading my blog. After yesterday’s post, where I was not the most endearing of cat mothers, she came against me in opposition by the most endearingly passive aggressive way. It was so cute that I immediately had to report this, because, she must be reading my […]

Doggie Bath

My beloved doggie got a bath today, mainly because it’s the afternoon and there was nothing better to do. She had been scratching like a maniac lately, so I figured she needed one. She’s got it under control now, though, and is no longer afraid of the water or the soap. One might say, “Good […]

Whole Lot of Crazy

Probably I don’t really need to call to your attention the amount of crazy going on in the world currently, because it is of course painfully obvious, and perhaps it has always been this way. So, please, use your thinking brains and don’t fall prey to conspiracy theories, crazed demagogues, nutty ideas and just go […]


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my beloved mother is a home remedy fanatic, who does pass on her knowledge to me regularly. I love her for it, and her latest innovation is a good one, so I thought I’d share it with you all, though it might not be good for […]

A Little Bit of Both

My favorite barbecue restaurant has figured out a menu strategy that I was so glad that I learned about, for yumminess sake. When faced with the question of, “Cole slaw or potato salad?,” it is absolutely permissible to say, “A Little Bit of Both, please.” And so you do indeed get a little bit of […]

Hot Dog!

Dear friends, I hope that this might help someone. I was just in the midst of WordPress purgatory, where I could not get the laptop to get to a place where I could write, and I didn’t really know what I wanted to say anyway. Now, though, I’ve got the keyboard cooking with my profound […]


My husband and I just ate about a million wintergreen life savers, each individually wrapped. I’m actually eating one right now, as I write! This might be as close to bliss as I might ever see, and if so, woo-hoo! As my mother might say, “Thank you, Jesus!” Actually, I don’t think that my mother […]

Magical Thinking

Dear friends, please know that magical thinking does get on my very last nerve. I spent a fair amount of my adult life overcoming schizophrenic delusional thinking, so when purportedly sane folks are wandering over into magical thinking land, I get a little cranky because of my previous suffering of not knowing what is real […]

Peaceful Life-Saver

I got myself some Life Savers: Wintergreen rings of pure love and devotion. They were only a dollar for a bag, and even though they are all individually wrapped, each one has a purpose for making my sweet-tooth smile. The individual wrapping is good for my sugar addiction, but those plastic slips are bad for […]